Subproject II: Platform for Public Exhibition Project

Platform  for Public ExhibitionThe Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Program (TELDAP) is characterized by its diversified content in areas such as biology, history, and geography. Its collections include manuscripts, visual arts, maps, and artifacts and its digital collections include multiple media types such as texts, images, audios, and videos. In aggregate, the content is extensive and professional. Because of the professional interpretation done by limited participating institutions, the general public often has difficulty appreciating the beauty and value of the content or may not know where to start. In order to enhance the promotion of the content, we are developing a system for public exhibition. The need for the system will be even more urgent after the consolidation of TELDAP.

The main objective of the Platform for Public Exhibition is to showcase the achievements of TELDAP, raise public attention and increase the visibility of TELDAP, and enhance the utilization of digitized content, including the Union Catalog and e-learning materials. Therefore, we will continue maintaining the main portal site of TELDAP. This portal site serves the functions of holding exhibitions, showcasing projects, and designing special topics on digital content, innovative technologies, and inter-project integration for the public.

Our main tasks are as follows:

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