Automating the office operation and improving the search, presentation, and preservation of digital data

Because of the great number of participating institutions and projects in the "Taiwan e-learning and Digital Archives Program (TELDAP)," the integration, search, presentation, management, storage, and backup of heterogeneous multimedia data have become increasingly important. In light of these circumstances, the "Core Platformss for Digital Content Project" assists the TELDAP Program Office to establish and maintain the infrastructure needed in order to integrate, preserve, and demonstrate the digital assets produced by all TELDAP projects

The "Core Platformss for Digital Content Project" plans to organize annual exhibitions, develop an office automation system, maintain a resource center, and publish promotional works to provide common core services as well as create a display platform to popularize and internationalize digital archives, establish a long-term remote backup system for digital data, develop a unified user interface in order to remain consistent over time, and provide training, software, hardware, and storage media to facilitate sustainable preservation and management.

The project was organized around four subprojects—Union Catalogs, Platform for Public Exhibition, Long-term Preservation and Remote Backup System, Digital Information Creative Communication—to achieve the main objective of automating the office operation and improving the search, presentation, and preservation of digital data.

In pursuit of this objective, the "Core Platformss for Digital Content Project" provides administrative support for technology service and technical support for content management.  All TELDAP projects are encouraged to use the common services provided by the "Core Platformss for Digital Content Project" to facilitate cooperation and resource-sharing.

Besides the automating office operation for increased efficiency, the Core Platformss for Digital Content Project also integrates the various digital collections from the separate websites of participating institutions and projects. To facilitate this task, the project plans to establish a "Taiwan Digital Archives" portal (digitalarchives.tw), including the following four facets: Treasure, Browse, Experience, and Learn. Via this unified user interface, one can easily search, browse, experience, and learn about the digital archives and the online content provided by participating institutions and projects.

Together, all TELDAP projects share resources through the Union Catalog, cooperating to treasure, preserve, and utilize the important digital archives of the country. The long-term preservation of digital data and remote backup system is also provided to all related projects for sustainable management. The forth sub-project, "Digital Information and Creative Communication Subproject," issues a regular e-newsletter both in Chinese and English and publishes guides, manuals, and various audio-visual materials to serve as a bridge between TELDAP and its audience.

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